Escape Empty Tank by Fueling Mind Constantly (Part 4 0f 4)

19/06/2015 16:04

Escape Empty Tank by Fueling Mind Constantly (Part 3 of 4)

Part 4

In life, there is only one thing is very certain "Time and Aging". Nobody can stop these elements whether anyone likes it or not. The Earth will not stop rotating, the Sun and Moon will not stop orbiting. The travel has been started a long ago. Everything is moving. The point is that we should catch up with the time as early as possible because we do not have the option of reversal in life. Time passed is passed and year passed is passed. Nobody can do anything in the time and age.

A child is prepared to take up his/her journey at the childhood and teenage by learning education, skills and attributes of personality development. Then it enters into his own critical thinking process. Then it decides to go on his own. So, a person gets successful when he is prepared early and acts early who has acted already on the ideas he wants to pursue. Success, success is the widely used word, it does not exclusively mean wealth making, it talks about achieving what one intends for, but, the intention is of pure rightful thoughts, not of cheating.

So, fueling mind is the fire developed inside the mind to have a change and impact on our life to run towards the platform where we wanted to be in already. It may take years to achieve, but follow your dreams persistently. Don't get tired and distracted by entertainment because nowadays a lot of entertainment channels make the most ambitious to go tired, distracted and exhausted.

Approach the resources where you are learning new things, or, at least those resources surely induces your thinking towards your ambitions. Don't get stagnant. Learn things which helps you advance an inch more early. Good catch it up. Make your mind a thinking mind which thinks and longs for your dreams. Make sure " Motivation is not entertainment". Nowadays, thoughts triggered towards multiple direction is not taking anyone towards any particular direction.

Decide your ways and be stubborn in your vision; try and find ways that makes you avoid Empty tank situation in your mind. Fuel your mind constantly by the rightful soruces which defintely do not entertain you. But, once you catch up the driving force of the sources, you will not miss it to enjoy. As long as you fuel your mind constantly, you will never ever become empty, thereby your driving force and energy are adamant to take you to the platform of the success you wanted to be in it already. Now I say "yours... target never missed!!!