Escape Empty Tank by Fueling Mind Constantly (Part 3 of 4)

05/10/2014 15:39

Escape Empty Tank by Fueling Mind Constantly (Part2 of 4)

Part 3

If kids were able to pick up the knacks and tricks to master the game, it was not only that their repeated attempts to play the game makes them to master the game, but also their perennial thinking with urge and curiosity to somehow reach and enjoy the next level, alike this process is going on until finishing the final level of the game.


So, it is about constant thinking and framing strategies to win. The continuous execution of strategies devised out or learnt from the earlier attempted experience and according to the situations helps one avoid mistakes what he has done in his previous attempts. This process of continuous refinement paves the path to succeed as an eventual outcome. Every winning plays a role to aim for further winning. Several persistent attempts are required to win all the stages.


Let us go back to the energy and fuel supply requirements. From the above stated examples, desire is the starting point which fixes the mind to manoeuvre the moves to reach the desired destination. Perpetual thinking and framing of strategies is possible through keeping the desires alive. To keep the desire alive, there should be winning moments on the journey which will motivate further to aim more and more until final destination reached.  


For e.g. a car is filled with fuel, whereas, it doesn’t run on the road. It is standing still in the same spot. So, there is no fuel exhaustion as any fuel combustion and energy required keeping the car standstill. Although, the fuel tank is full, there is no possibility to refill as there is no space in the fuel tank to have more fuel. So, repeated filling has a meaning when the car is running and exhausting the fuel because the driving needs fuel combustion and energy, then only the filled up fuel tank is also getting emptied.


From the same way stated above, regular and continuous fuel supply required actions. Although you fill the mental tank to the 100% of your capacity, and if you are not moving an inch towards the direction it required succeeding in your life, it doesn’t have any meaning until you step out and running towards the direction and exhausting your fuel you have filled already for the trip.


So, regular and continuous fuel supply is very important, at the same time, regular and continuous fuel exhaustion is also more important to become meaningful. You know the reality and get experience when you spend your mental thoughts converting in to actions. Please read our article Swimming is not Theory.


In converting your filled up mental thoughts into actions, please be careful and apply the experience you have learnt from your past journey to avoid mistakes in the new and continuous attempts to reach somehow the next level. This reaching of next level is also a winning moment which will motivate you to aim more and more. You will enjoy it and you will refill your tank meaningfully. 

to be contiued in Part 4....