Do it now, now!

06/06/2013 00:00

There are three rules you must follow to strengthen your Will and to strengthen your life.

  1. Decide to act immediately
  2. Do it now
  3. Never ever postpone your actions

Strictly follow the three rules; you will produce stunning results in due course of time. This set of behaviour makes you bold to face the reality. You are not hiding by silly justifications. You are on road and on race. Every day, you learn where you are, and what you lack to reach where you wanted to be. This is a realistic approach producing wonderful results in all the cases.


On the other hand, the delay in carrying out your plans into actions will extinguish the fire of your burning desires. You will gradually loose your Will, and start feeling sluggish with a lot interception between your master plan and actions. Finally, you will never ever initiate on time. Then it becomes your behaviour, over a period you will not act even late. You become a mere dreamer without any actions for your life time.


We can find a huge crowd of highly intelligent people who have been running a gloomy life because of the following reasons.

  1. They have not decided to act fast
  2. They have not acted on time
  3. They have simply postponed their actions without any valuable reasons
  4. They finally fall into illusions and never attempt


This set of behavioural repetitiveness will lead to a struck up situation. It will allow your mind to conceive fear, doubt, loss of courage and illogical reasoning to justify the decision of your delay. You are witnessing this in every profession. See the opposite, for e.g. the winners or mega business tycoons are not always highly intelligent or educated people with high IQ rather they are with moderate IQ in most of the cases. But, what they have special is a kind of charming attitude which is a strong determination to take the decision fast and to act on it immediately. The result is successful life.


Think again and again, who is responsible for your life? If you say anybody else other than you, you are out of race. You are the only one exclusively responsible for your life. Nobody comes and serves you with golden platter. You should be ready to face the facts of life and go for a ride with stubborn determination; I act now and I win soon. You will learn lessons even if you slip a little here and there, but, ultimately you win. The time is running, and the winner is the one who runs in front and reaches the ribbon before the crowd reaches there.


So, decide to go for a successful ride now, at this moment…act now. Your Will win!



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