Uninfluenced Decisions - by Anger (Part 2 of 2)

23/06/2013 00:00

part 2....

Behaving sportively in angry occasions is a must to go on as per the plans. If one, who is running fast to reach his target with some milestone calculations, will definitely get angry as something/someone is blocking his ways unnecessarily.


In fact, the high performance individuals are carried with emotions like sportsmen, how a football player or a boxer behaves. The sportspersons will play the games by associating themselves too deep in to the games. They often get angry and upset when something is done wrong or stupid according to their perception. However, angry emotions are allowed to a certain limit. If it is going beyond the limit, it is strictly punishable.


For e.g. we have noticed while watching football games. The referee warns the players up to certain limits. Then, he starts giving yellow cards. Finally, if a player behaves abnormally violent, the player is given red card and sometimes banned for a few years from playing football. In this case, it is normal that a player is carried away with emotions. But, he is punished severely when his angry actions go beyond the acceptable limits.


The same is true in life also. Anger should be controlled with logical thinking. It shouldn’t be simply a slip of mind and doing something very spontaneously. This will make a lifelong grieving situation. You should manage in a concrete way that the surroundings should accept the angry reaction as a positive one which should be a lesson for others how angry moments can be handled constructively.


As we have said earlier, blindly reacting without logical thinking will always yield to some loss; it could be of money, power, job, opportunity etc. The point is the LOSS - Angry behaviour is equal to Loss.


As a person of strong Willpower, you shouldn’t react recklessly at any angry situations. You should never ever take decisions at the time of angry. Be calm and detach yourself from anger. Try to find out facts what has caused you to get angry. The cause is in your control or you could have avoided this type of cause. For e.g. traffic jams which will make you become angry because you will be late for meetings. But, traffic jam is not directly in your control. Better, you could have avoided if you have started early from your home or office. So, work out the formulas and alternatives how to constructively manage the anger or to avoid such angry scenarios. To avoid getting angry completely, you have to be prepared to accept the unexpected.


Managing the anger constructively simply means that the actions shouldn’t spoil your health and wealth, whereas, you are visibly working and reacting on it. Also, it is not violent as per legal code of practices. You will not create a disliking atmosphere. You are living healthy life, ready to get exposed to angry situations and manage cleverly the anger on your favour. People will not hesitate to approach you as you will not react badly even if they come with something messy. The major plus of clever anger management is that you are likable and your relationship is multiplied. So your venture will be supported unbelievably from all the corners.


You will be cool, maintaining good health and taking decisions without the influence of anger. So, your decision will never be spoilt by anger and it will not contribute any loss. The ultimate grandness, you win!


 Your…Target never missed!