Decide now to act...

05/06/2013 00:00

For human beings, the inaction point in life is at the time of sleep or death in a deeper sense. Some may argue that there are actions going on inside our body while sleeping, but, on the conscious side we are asleep, an undeniable fact.


In cinema, the word "Action" is the trigger of acting as the actors are trying to imitate very naturally according to the film director's advice or suggestions. But, in real life, the word action has totally a different definition. Here, the action is not fake. It has values on some tasks and produces some result to the individual who is performing. Collectively, it has impacts or effects on the society at large.


Why should we decide immediately to act? If you dream repeatedly everyday about some wonderful things to occur in your life, it will not happen true by saying " oh my goodness, this person is dreaming everyday nonstop for the last 25 years"! A dream is after all a dream. Unless you decide to act on it, what the value is. Just you delay to fall asleep and your sleeping time is getting reduced by conscious dreaming. You have spoilt your health over a period of time without producing even a minor result tangibly. Your age, situations and inescapable petty things but mustdo commitments will gradually bury your dream at last.


What a pity, some try to pass their dream on to their children though whose children are not at all interested in attempting that. So, there will be more conflicting situation in their family life also. Then what truly they enjoyed, may be, unexposed dream which is of no use to his own self.


Try to find out whether you are going to be one among those mere dreamers and prepared for unattractive dull living or you want plentiful fascinating life style and rewards. The move from the unattractive to attractive spot begs only one thing - an immediate committed action deep from your heart. So, all you need is; act, act, and act immediately and consistently to carry out your dream and change your dream a real life event in your life time. 


There are a lot of failures just because of the reason inaction. No one will fail unless he stops his constant actions. Some may act like movie acting, but the real life does not have audience. So, the rewards are nothing for these real life actors. They will be treated with minor or nil respect. Failures become their life. Unless or otherwise, they should decide to act; real involved actions from their hearts which means a real committed actions to their own conscience.


This change of attitude will revive up themselves and will raise their ranks over a period. There by. they come up to the limelight like a ball with full air must come on top of the water level even it was tried to be submersed deep inside the water. Nothing can stop them and growth will sign a lifelong alliance with them. 


Today, right now, - Touch your heart and ask, "do I act committed to win which has no excuses or blame games"? If the answer is no, then immediately find out what is the meaning of "I should act immediately like where, what and how". Act consistently and the point is to reduce your idle time. You will realize how things are working out according to your wishes and how people and you yourself look at you. Success is guaranteed - you are the success.


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