Brain talks to brain-itself (Part 2 of 2)

21/06/2013 00:00

part 2....

Skilled business persons have a clear understanding how the brain chemistry influences their reasoning, listening, generating physical movements and countless other functions related to body and mind. They are able to manoeuvre their behavioural pattern on their favour according to the situations. This manoeuvring is sometimes called in nickname as “Presence of mind”.


As a matter of fact, your behaviour will be identified how you are at a particular situation or job whether you are nervous, calm, confident, confused. It is sometimes easily visible in your face. You can’t hide it by your artificial smile unless you change the release of chemicals in your brain.


The undesirable happens precisely when you are exposed to anxious moments like attending job interview or giving a sudden public speech in Dais. In such times, the voice is wobbly, sweat starts, and the whole body starts shivering if there is no practised chemical release pattern in the brain.


If one wants to improve his public speaking skills, he should practise, take some tips and go for coaching centres or join clubs teaching public speaking. Definitely, he will improve as a result of his practice. In human science, improvement is achieved with conscious practice to alleviate problems and to improve certain behavioural shortfalls for a mentally fit person.


Achievement/success is all the outcomes of your collective behaviours while dealing with different segment of people/situation in your profession. In all the dealings, your behaviours should be vibrant. Your body gestures should be calm and confident. Your talk should be clever and crystal clear without jerks. Any happening, people or situations should not be a trigger point to behave involuntarily like trembling speech, behaving in confused way and surrendering mannerism without you realizing it.


As a person of strong Will, you should not go ignored of involuntary behaviours if you have, definitely a sign of fearing attitude. To change, you must engage in very difficult tasks categorised by your mind as the toughest. Repeated exposure or even simulated mock incidents of those tough situations will help you improve your chemical discharge on your favour. A big advantage of doing this practice is that you will gain confidence like” come on, we have already faced the toughest incidents, what is tough beyond this. Let me go and see what it is”!


Don’t forget “Practice” is your companion throughout your journey. Practice indicates “doing something continuously, repeatedly” to become skilled in what you are practising.


We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit - Aristotle.


Your conscious practice will become your habit/guided behaviour, and your brain will release the chemicals according to the repeated practice to make the chemical release on your favour. Then, you are the master of your behaviour. Nothing will shake you. You go steadily on your path. Who can hide you from the limelight?


Winner, your…Target never missed!