Bold acts VS Angry cries

08/06/2013 00:00

Think deeply, realize what is happening to you at this period in your life? Your boss is insulting you, your company is not recognising you, and your friends behave like strangers. You are so stressed. The life is taking you according to its own will. The insults, dejection, estranged feeling make you angry. Please realize that this is your golden time. You should get ready to learn from failures. Yes, failure teaches you a good lesson if you are ready to learn. Individual failures and insults have reasoned to create the great and giant companies in this world.  


This should be the point of a total turn in your life. You should be happy because the insulting situation forces you to change e.g. job, profession and even your attitudes. For all these years, you had been falling without realising your downfall like how a sharp needle penetrates into a ripe banana. Now is the time, you should wake up and decide to give back a lesson to whoever has insulted you, teased you, given up and made you to become estranged.


However, insults make you angry, angry at people, situations, society, and so on. So, what you have decided to move on to chase the glorious life. Are you going to argue with those who have insulted you or fight them with valid justification? The person who becomes angry easily without thinking of repercussions will do that with trivial propaganda. They react yelling and later simply surrendering like a slave. But, you with strong Will– No! Don’t do that. Don’t allow to loosen your insulting moments. Let the insult reignite the extinguished fire- your greatest Will.


Yes, you are bold. Your boldness makes you aware of how to maintain your calm posture at difficult times. But, defend if something nasty is throwing at you, whereas; work on your great aims. You can do it. You can prove to this world who you are. Yes, for doing wonderful things, you need bold moves with great thinking and workouts. You are not going to yell at your boss, company or whatever and simply not wasting your energy and time.


Instead, dig out from your mind - what you had been longing for so many years, what you had been dreaming every day, what you had been thinking that even everything is lost, that dream will carry you to your life’s greatest place. Still, you are unable to decide, then there is no other go, accept petty life or in a sense pity life.


But, to change your life tremendously, you should find out and work on your dreams. Don't hesitate to act, which will make you doubtful to move forward and make you lazy also to compromise. On the opposite, take your bold steps forward, which will demolish all the obstacles on the way. Remember the three rules of successful life – Decide to act, Do it now, Never ever postpone. To follow these three rules strictly, you must be bold. You are bold, so move on with strong resistance till your target is achieved…

Target never missed!