Beware of bad habits – (Part 2 of 2)

02/07/2013 00:00

Beware of bad habits – (Part 1 of 2)

part 2...

Nowadays, the attraction of intoxicating materials is giving a kick especially for the youngsters to taste at least once in their life time. They are more confident that they will not permanently fall into these habits forever. They believe that they have more control on their life. So, they inquisitively approach for drugs, alcohol or tobacco. The minimum age of drug addiction is getting early teens, an irony for the developed society. These addictions reduce the life expectancy of individuals.


The painful thing is that all drunkards, smokers and drug addicts know the consequences. They take it easy until they suffer severely.


Stress in life can be managed by better thinking, not by suppressing the power of thinking. Loosing mind is agony, not pleasure.  Drugs, alcohol and tobacco are all modern perils in disguised form by different names which makes one to lose one's thinking ability.


Forget about some who support ruthlessly the bad things. Check the history to find how intoxication has toppled the life of very talented personalities who have slipped away from success. In most of the cases, the bad addiction overtook their talents. Yes, bad substances mask the dangers by its sophisticated decoration, and it is a deadly addiction.


An addiction is nothing but a “habit” done regularly. If the addiction doesn’t harm to your body and mind, it is ok to carry on. On the contrary, it should be stopped immediately if it harms.


The time trigger nature is part of any addiction, but, the worst is bad addictions. Daily at a particular time, an individual is made to feel uneasy, and the trigger forces him to somehow consume the addictive substance. He is bit struck to behave normally until his trigger requirement is fulfilled. For e.g. some will smoke cigarette after a meal. He will not be comfortable until he smokes after his meal.


Don’t follow the advice of growing fast by bad acquaintances. Also stay away from anyone who convinces you on enjoyment point of view by drinks and drugs. Life can be fully enjoyed without these destructive materials.


It is a false belief that enjoying is boozing. Never allow your brain losing its power of reasoning and reacting. Boozers are getting lost from the reality, whereas, they falsely think that they have escaped from all their troubles. They uselessly exhaust their energy, potential opportunities, precious time and physical power. Their intoxicated unsteadyness steadily destroy themselves.


For a growth conscious person, the bigger challenge is how far you are prepared to escape from these intoxicative substances widely available in attractive forms, which have a lot of supporters from various fields. Only a strong Willpower can say a strong NO. Don’t make your life full of problems by willingly thinking " I am just to try once or twice, thats all, Then I will quit". It will become habitual which will force you to gradually adapt and accept the compromised life. You don’t want to end up in such a compromised life finally? It is not your dream.


You are born free, and you can select whatever you want. But, never ever select any bad substances. Then, you will realize the true freedom as you stride across the path of success. Thereby, you are strong to give life and hope to a lot of other people as well. You can't possibly do succeed by wobbling on the streets semi consciously. Beware of bad habits and thoroughly abstain from all. You are not spoilt, weakened. You steadily, yes steadily, reach success.


Your… Target never missed!