Beware of bad habits – (Part 1 of 2)

01/07/2013 00:00

Health is an important primary condition for the successful life. A sick cannot have bigger ambitions. Although he has developed any big ambitions, he can’t act vibrantly because of his ill health. At the time of growth, the important factor determines your performance is your physical health. The good health will keep you active by its ability and stay fit along the lines of fast performance requirements.


If you argue, otherwise, whatever the technology or advancement in medical science, it is not 100% free from side effects on a person’s physical ability and his mental capability. It doesn’t mean that, with a chronic medical condition, people cannot live. They can survive. But definitely, the health factor, whatever the type of their illness if they have suffered, will have an impact on their speed of progress.


Catching illness or chronic diseases is an easy target for boozers, smokers or dopers. They artificially develop the bad habits. Try to recall a smoker who doesn’t cough at his first smoke. Recall a drunkard who doesn’t swirl his face at his first shot. None is different while learning bad habits. Everyone has a natural disliking at their first time of using bad intoxicating substances. They voluntarily catch up these bad habits with forceful interest and craving like drinking alcohol, smoking tobacco, or doping though they dislike naturally.


It is a kind of mind addiction. Bad habits are stronger to get acquainted than good habits. The below is the example I have come across sometime ago.


For e.g. if you ask a tobacco chewer to take very tasty fruits that you brought from the best variety, he will immediately say NO because he is chewing tobacco. So, he will be very much ready to give up tasty fruits instead of spitting out tobacco. Bad habits are more dangerous which will reduce your appetite and food craving nature.


Apart from the above, drinks, drugs and tobacco, everything has an impact on the speed of thought process and practical actions. The speed of thinking and to act or react is getting suffered severely.  In modern era, the materials to be categorized as bad are in too many varieties. Inventions and innovations do not leave the space in coming out with new ideas of addiction and intoxication.


On the other hand, the science is also coming up with new findings. Alcohol harms liver, kidney and heart which are known to everybody for hundreds of years. Now, the medical science on brain chemistry thoroughly reveals how alcoholism affects the different parts or brain.


Alcohol affects all the areas of brain from brain stem, cerebellum, hypothalamus, medulla and cerebral cortex. Every area has functions on its own and collectively as well to have a better thought process mechanism, reaction for a threat like "Flight" or "Fight" response, coordinating clear speech, body temperature, feelings, proper breathing levels etc. Other than these, alcohol affects organs like lever, pancreas, stomach and some other organs also. Alcoholism is totally detrimental to health.


Drunkenness influences all the areas of brain and body, and especially functions of all the areas of brain is completely affected. Intoxication is such a worst influence. If it is unchecked, it will turnaround for the worst in an individual’s life and collectively spoils the society in the longer run. Yes, this fact is known for thousands of years.

to be continued in part 2....

Beware of bad habits – (Part 2 of 2)