Annoyance & Disappointment –Expected readily by Strong Willpower! (Part 3 of 4)

18/07/2013 12:00

Annoyance & Disappointment –Expected readily by Strong Willpower! (Part 1 of 4)

Annoyance & Disappointment –Expected readily by Strong Willpower! (Part 2 of 4)

 part 3....

The reason we talk of recession more is that the disappointment, upset and annoyances are all extremely happening at recession. People will find their chance of justification for losing consistency to hit the favourable result. They will be tired by the insults faced earlier. The lack of spirit makes them to go lazy and confused which is an outcome of their ill preparation to maintain their tempo to face any no. of disappointments.


Finally, due to the fear of insults, they will like to attempt only for the tasks which will not at all disappoint them. Tell me, where you can find such a 100% disappointment proof tasks, that too at recession. The fearing have already landed at inactivity, and they can’t find disappointment proof 100% anywhere.


In this situation of inactivity or less activity, Corporates are trying to optimise the work force by layoffs, redundancies and by other means also. Collectively, wider unemployment is ending up in depression – a worst economic scenario.


However, is the inactivity a solution to avoid disappointment, annoyances? So, you also can wait for something divine to happen. No, you should boldly move on get ready to face any kind of disappointments which shouldn’t stop and make you idle for any reasons. Chase the places where you can make an impact. Never sit idle and take time for granted. You are losing your time, age and potentiality of earning as every day is passing.


For e.g. pregnancy is the period of mental as well as physical difficulties in a woman’s life. She is changing both physiologically and psychologically. It is the time that she feels difficult to carry her routine tasks. She longs for lying in the bed or to be in rest.


But doctors are advising her to go for walking, doing physical works and even to go for special exercise programs designed for pregnant woman. She is not advised to stay in complete rest 24 hours because of the fact she is at difficulty of pregnancy. Even female celebrities are no exceptions irrespective of their wealth. The woman gives birth to a healthy baby while doing the required activities as per the doctor’s advice. If a woman fears of facing difficulties or strains of pregnancy and avoids getting pregnant, she loses the chance of motherhood.


The same logic is applied here in readily expecting and managing annoyances or disappointments. Fear of facing annoyances, disappointments shouldn’t get you to fall in to the trap of developing laziness by allowing yourself to be idle. As too much idleness requires too much entertainment, the habit of too much entertainment like browsing internet aimlessly, chatting, gossiping, going to theatres and gaming, which are all filling your mind and time, sometimes kill your ambitions permanently (read our article Laziness is crime). Be a cause to change the recession. In fact, you greatly change your life as well as help the society to get benefits from your turnaround efforts as a ripple effect while you are trying hard to change the recession from decline to growth.


As a mega dreamer, you need to maintain your consistency of bold moves until the boom hits.

to be continued in part 4....

Annoyance & Disappointment –Expected readily by Strong Willpower! (Part 4 of 4)