Annoyance & Disappointment –Expected readily by Strong Willpower! (Part 2 of 4)

17/07/2013 12:00

Annoyance & Disappointment –Expected readily by Strong Willpower! (Part 1 of 4)


On the other hand, it is very important for a wilful aspirant that he should know how to manage disappointments or annoyances cleverly. The reason is that managing the disappointments and negative outcomes especially at the time of recession differentiates apparently people into two segments. First segment is the class of individuals who can withstand pressures, annoyances as well as disappointments as they are prepared for, and not get tired of those troubles. The second is a class of people who are incapable of withstanding pressures, annoyances and disappointments and get punk and confused.


You ponder over deep into the nature of achieving goals to find out what exactly is to be done. You find that achievement means moving fast forward to step ahead, struggling more to survive at difficulties, spending more amount of energy to overcome difficulties. The attitude for achievement further means that it is about accepting boldly the annoyances and disappointments and resisting the emotions which normally pushes you to fall into the trap of burst out behaviours. That too, recession tests the attitude of perseverance that is preparedness for facing negativities. One certainly needs more stubborn Willpower to produce favourable results at recession than the other normal time of business.


A boom has the space for everybody. Even a less capable could also run/earn business and money. On the contrary, recession will allow only the selective individuals to win, who have developed the aptitude of withstanding the disappointments. Otherwise, the situation expels the incapable others from the winning game.


If you analyse the reason why people are easily getting annoyed or disappointed, you will understand that the number one reason is being fed up. Yes, weak persons are fed up as the demand is heavy for the continuous requirement of constant energy to click even a small achievement. Many weak can’t bear to carry on this even for a short time.


Yes, in recession, you do very less amounts of works while comparing with boom times because the business is limited at recession. The shortage of cash flow makes people to confuse their decision making process. Thereby, decisions are not taken fast. This collective attitude across the region and across the world makes deeper slump.

to be continued in part 3....

Annoyance & Disappointment –Expected readily by Strong Willpower! (Part 3 of 4)