Annoyance & Disappointment –Expected readily by Strong Willpower! (Part 1 of 4)

16/07/2013 12:00

Annoyance is the frequently experienced feeling by so many people in the recent times. We are getting disturbed very easily as our expectations are destroyed by unusual outcomes of volatile situation which is prevalent all across the world. It is more or less flash flood situation every now and then, we can’t predict things clearly. The life is not going as per the plan. The ultimate result is that a lot are talking the words like disappointed, annoyed, disturbed, upset etc.


Only a few are capable enough to survive successfully in this highly instable world. We should closely look at the key ingredient what a few have got which helps them being capable enough to manage the annoyance and disappointment – outcomes of volatility.


The ingredient is their conscious advance preparation to expect, wait and face the unexpected outcomes when it comes. Yes, they are consciously expecting and waiting for the unexpected to happen which makes them to look at an incident of disappointment very differently from the commoners. In fact, these people are not disappointed consciously because they know it in a sense that they are prepared and waiting for disappointment.


They are not in tremors and face boldly the instable situations. Their made up mind-set is helping them prepare counter moves well in advance for something unexpected to happen as they are readily waiting for that. It is a totally different and marvellous approach from commoners.


If you analyse what causes one to feel annoyed or disappointed, you will find that something totally unexpected, from his point of view, is hitting him when he is carrying out activities/tasks with a favourable expectation. He is disappointed when something contrarily come up as a result or reward which forces him to stand at a cross roads where to go. The frequency of the unexpected result leads to intensify the state of disappointment which ends up at mental agony.


It will be a catastrophe, especially at the time of recession, for a high performing individual when he has no idea about managing the disappointments constructively. For poor performers or for lazy individuals, disappointment and annoyance are commonly faced things irrespective of whether it is a situation of recession or boom. They simply depend on someone for carrying their pity life without having the nature of individualistic perspective. For them, managing the disappointments, annoyances do not be a matter of importance.

to be continued in part 2....

Annoyance & Disappointment –Expected readily by Strong Willpower! (Part 2 of 4)