Action Plan and Preparation

07/06/2013 00:00

On one hand you have the burning desires to succeed in your life and on the other, you are committed to do so many things for your family, friends and companies. But, the most important commitment in your life is doing tangible acts on your dreams.

Your decision to act or having already started acting on your dream is fantastic. What is the meaning of “I have started acting on my dreams" – what does it mean?


In general, an act of human being is a kind of activity which consists of the following fully in some cases or at least a few combinations in others.

  1. Time
  2. Resources
  3. Energy physical or mental or together
  4. Carries feeling - happy, excited, dull, sad etc.
  5. Money
  6. Relationship.

Once you started your actions, you are on track, fine.


Ok, come again what the meaning of your life time dream is. Absolutely here in our discussions, dream is a conscious fantasy in mind, which habitually straight away visualize after success events. That is, after achieving your ambitions, how things look like. For e.g. how great amount of wealth you have earned, your lifestyle, how well you are treated by society, how you become famous, and your entire family, friends and society feel proud of you.  Also, some of your disliking crowds are jealous on you. Well done - great imagination.


Yes, this kind of imagination is must and the starting point, which fuels your burning desire. However, converting your imagination to achievement and keeping the ambitions alive until achievement require a system check.


Otherwise, with the urge of – “do it now”, you may do reckless acts which produce undesirable outcome. This will not fuel your Will, and you will get fed up and drop your life time dream. This is the mistake a lot of even highly ambitious people are doing without proper action plan and preparation.  


Therefore, you should carefully brain storm more and more to carry out your plans in a step by step process. You should preferably be crystal clear or otherwise have a kind of understanding to answer the following questions related to your actions. Thereby, you will become more confident and bold enough to execute your plan successfully. The questions…

  1. What is the sequence of my action plan?
  2. What is the first step?
  3. What is the value of money I am talking about?
  4. When is the achieving point?
  5. How long do I have the cushion of going on this plan? If not
  6. How could I work out an alternative without loosing my currently invested plans?
  7. How best could I work out to balance with my close family like wife/husband, children, parents and own brother and sisters?
  8. What is the measurement of growth progress of my achievement?

Now, you are clearer on your action plans. You do things with better self-confidence.


As one of the Wiseman said Preparation gives self-confidence.  A self-confident person will act with perseverance, and he is prepared to be patient and finally wins.  You win!

Target never missed!


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