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Reading the read... sure we want to read the read one because we forget sometimes over a period of time something important to be always remembered. So, read the already one if it is important to be remembered ever.. thanks

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11/08/2016 17:43
Yes is the word we are looking at!

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18/05/2016 09:24
Many thanks for all of your support. I will write more and more. Too busy is to be taken care. I am talking about myself. I will post .....soon

My dear Dux8848ers,

16/02/2015 16:44
We are online, however, the writing has been slowed down. Very soon, we will pick up the pace. Cheers!


05/10/2014 16:14
Dear dux8848ers, thanks for your reading. I am sorry that I publish new articles in a little slower way. Things will be resolved very soon. Once again, thanks for your support and patience.

Article - Work out Works out - Exercises

13/10/2013 11:30
My dear dux8848ers, The article,Work out Works out - Exercises, was planned to be published in 3 parts. However, I can't cover it in 3 parts completely what I want to write. So, Work out Works out - Exercises, this article will be published in 4 parts. This is done in an intention of not...

Cheers friends!

30/08/2013 00:00
dux8848 is the new website launched! Happy reading.....


12/08/2013 01:00
dux88 happily announces that SOON there is going to be publishing of articles from the valuable writers on YouWrite Column. Thanks for your continuous support. Happy reading....

Article - Annoyance & Disappointment –Expected readily by Strong Willpower!

18/07/2013 12:00
Annoyance & Disappointment –Expected readily by Strong Willpower!  - Dear dux88 readers, the Title article was supposed to be published in 3 parts. However, considering the importance of the subject and how far the fear of facing annoyances, disappointments affects even high performing...


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