Will - Willpower

Lucky we are; We are born in a period of excellent ultra modern world. The education and technology are highly advanced, and opportunites are wild and vibrant. The chances of success are abundant for anyone of either sex. If somebody utterly fails and unable to revive up, we should look at his personality because who will permanently fall now. The world witnesses mega winners in every field from heavy industries, media, IT, Art, Sports, and the list goes on..


But, we should look at one important aspect of this modern world, that is competition. Competition is exactly proportionate or more in a sense to the amount of available opportunities. Yes, this life is like an athletic race. In any race, the winner is only one who is the champion. Also, there are runners claiming second and third positions. If we, atleast, catch these spots, we shall get noticed. Otherwise, who cares what we are; we are no where. Life is just passing days like somehow surviving for those "no where" category.


But, there are quite a few who run their life as the way they want. They adamantly chase the success and grip it. They are always addicted to victory. Sometimes this world wonders; how it is possible, whatever these creamers touch that turns to gold. True, once you become successful, and the ingredient  of success, a strong Will, is mixed with your personality, that is the game. The time starts whatever you touch would turn to gold.


If we analyse deeply what these successful people have been specially blessed with by God. You would probably feel guilty to know the answer. The truth is they are same like us, but... they have a Will, a strong Will which has been strengthened and unable able to give up whatever the obstacles they face on. The strenthened Will is transforming his ownself into an obedient servant who is so stubborn, aggressive and attacks his own negativities right upon until the target is achieved.


The true ingredient "the winners have first; strengthened their Will which takes care of their remaining life, a victorious life".  


dux8848 wishes why not we become one among the Winners? When is our day to be on the stage? To reach, a stubborn determination is must. If we are perseverant to strengthen our Will  at any cost, we have started our journey on the victorious path. It is just a matter of time to become a winner. To reach fast, the effort must be throttled and consistent. Our site is designed to help and to accelarate the process of  strengthening Will, our Will!


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