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Colourful and Glittering life

02/06/2013 00:00
Any action, which is done repeatedly over a period of time with a specific purpose or even...

Fast but Focused

01/06/2013 00:00
Fast but Focussed is an important attribute of winners. Any one can obtain this by a...

Your power, Your personality, Your life

31/05/2013 00:00
Strengthen your Will! Strengthen your power! Strengthen your...

Joyful World is Willful World

30/05/2013 00:00
The world is so wonderful and ultra modern today. In this new world of...

What do you want

27/05/2013 16:12
Simply tell "what do you want". It is something demanding. Any how, join the dux gang and fill

Site Updates

27/05/2013 13:47
Dux88 is very happy to announce to run with the master slogan - "Target never missed"....

Website launched

27/05/2013 00:00
Dux88 hits the web world today.........! A grand welcome to all.........  
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