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dux8848 is the web platform which focuses on leadership Will development for the people who are eager to enhance their personality profile by sharing their thirsty desires/ideas to mutually improve on life spheres. An individual's success depends exclusively on her/his Willpower. Strong Will helps choose stubborn positive actions  which determines success. On the other hand weak Will  blocks her/his action against her/his interest.


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Also, here people eagerly share (on GuestBook) their ideas on Will. This is like how they have achieved things in their life or what blocks them to reach their desired outcome.


As a new visitor to this site, you shall enlarge your vision by writing on your willpower and achievement - at GuestBook column  of this website or write to dux88@outlook.com. So, start sharing your thoughts. Sharing is a great form of entertainment. When we share, our happiness is multiplied, and we feel more happier and strong. We, in dux8848, surely think .....no body is blank naturally. Their suppressed Will has led them to forget their must do actions and end up blank. We, dux8848, try to strengthen the will by sharing articles of dux8848 author and fill with ideas in blankness.

Be ready to Will to win

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Willing is not enough,you should act, But to act with clear determination to achieve the target, the Will has to be strengthened This site provides the platform to try and to develop your Will and its Power.


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